Villacher Kirchtag

Have you ever been at the Villacher Kirchtag, the biggest traditional event in Austria? If not, it is a must to visit. Since 1936 this event takes place every year, except 1940-1947 and 2020. It lasts for one week, starting with the end of July/beginning of August.

Wearing your leather trousers or dirndl dress, you are ready to visit the city of Villach. This event is very important for the local economy, because more than 450.000 visitors are coming to the Villacher Kirchtag every year. If you want to stay in a hotel you should book a few months in advance to get a free room and moderate price. The whole downtown of Villach is covered by more than 200 market stalls and parts of the town change to amusement parks with totally about 30 devices. More than 600 musicians are there for entertainment during this week. Traditional volk music is played and you can dance and have fun. To eat a traditional Kirchtagssuppe is also very important. There are a lot of gastronomic services spread through the town where you can enjoy your beer or something else. The traditional beer there is the Villacher Bier. The taste of it is very good and I like it. If you have to drive, you can choose the Villacher Freilich, it’s a beer without alcohol. For further information: Villacher Kirchtag – Welcome to Villach (

Here is the countdown in German, for Englisch people: days, hours, minutes, seconds until the next Villacher Kirchtag.



  Stunden  Minuten  Sekunden


Villacher Kirchtag

In my opinion Villacher Kirchtag is one of the best events you have to visit. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe you want to share your best moments at this event.

Lake Wolayersee – A Place for Hiking

Nowadays hiking is a very popular sport. It is the perfect activity to keep your health on a good level and that’s the reason why I want to give you an insider tip.

I started at the Hubertus chapel in Lesachtal towards the Lower Wolayeralm. The view there was really amazing, hence I took a short break. After this break I climbed up to the plateau of the Upper Wolayeralm. At this route section I have seen a beautiful waterfall, called Sprudelbach. From the Upper Wolayeralm I continued through a narrow place, where I have seen the memorial for those who died in Word War One. As you can see it’s also a historical place. The end of this way is the Walayerseehütte, a cottage at the Wolayersee. This is a small restaurant, where you can drink and eat something, before you have to go back to your car. The nature and the view there are really awesome. For this adventure trip you need time, so plan one day for the hiking. Good shoes and physical fitness are needed. When planning your trip you may first lookup for further information, for example at below link: It’s a German website, however, you can translate it at the internet.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. Please comment below if you have ever been at the Wolayersee. What’s your insider tip for hiking in Carinthia?

An Exciting Adventure for a Brave Child

Last summer I was showing my little sweet godchild how exciting Carinthia is. If I would ask him today about this adventure, he would tell me that’s the place where you can fly.

To keep a two-year-old child happy, don’t drive too long. So, as you can see, your place of excursions must be near to your home. When we had arrived at the family park in Ossiach, he was very interested to see new things in the woods. It’s a park, where children can play and discover beautiful nature. In my opinion, it’s very important to go outdoor with children and show them the nature. Today, nearly every kid has a lot of toys and therefore isn’t creative anymore. This place is the perfect one to show kids that they can play with simple things. Naturally, it can be so easy to find something to play. He was playing with a branch and he was extremely happy. At home, he has never played with a stick of wood before. Let’s move on to the highlight: The Fly-Line. I am very proud that he was so brave, and it was very funny for him, unfortunately, it wasn’t funny for his mum due to her fear of heights.

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Finally, it’s very important to go with kids outdoor and show how wonderful nature is. A sad fact is that kids have many toys to play with, but with basic things from nature they often don’t know how to use them. What do you think about it?

Carinthia – Home to Numerous Beautiful Lakes

The sight of a beautiful lake makes me forget about the sea. That is why today I want to demonstrate some of our wonderful lakes to you.

Next to the famous lakes like lake Ossiacher See, lake Woerthersee, lake Millstaetter See, lake Weissensee, lake Faaker See, and lake Pressegger See there are also many small lakes. Interesting to know is the fact that the biggest four of them take up about 60 square kilometers and the rest of them only about 10.

There are also quite a few activities that our great lakes offer. For diving, lake Millstaetter See is a perfect choice and  lake Weissensee is famous all over Europe for ice-skating. For example, every year many people are visiting from the Netherlands as a part of the so-called eleven cities tour. But that’s not it: you can go swimming, walk around the lakes, go on a boat trip, enjoy water skiing, or simply enjoy the beauty whilst reading a book.

There is also a new trending sport called Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Everybody was speaking about it last year and when I finally decided to buy myself a paddle, they were out of stock at nearly all of the sports retailers. Being similar to a surfboard there is one huge advantage: it’s easier to carry around because you can just let the air out once you’re finished. This sport is also a perfect workout because you stand on the board and you have to paddle to move forward in the water. It looked easy at first, but after I had tried it myself, I can assure you it’s a hard workout.

So, as you can see, you can do so many things at our lakes. What’s your favorite activity? Please comment below and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Affenberg Landskron

A parent took his child to work. Because it was screaming terribly, a colleague asked the child what’s happened. The answer was very funny. The child said that it has been told that the work would be with monkeys, but there are no monkeys to see now. This joke brings me to the Affenberg.

If you want to see many monkeys, you have to visit the Affenberg in Landskron. Over 170 Japanese macaques are living there in a four hectare big area. You can visit from April to October every year. It’s only possible to visit with a guided tour, because to visit it on your own would be too dangerous. The tour guide tells you everything that you must know about these wonderful animals. The tour guide is also an animal keeper and knows nearly every monkey by name and about their habits to behave. It was fantastic to watch the animals in the wild, but never look at them while they are eating. Unfortunately, I did it and it was really a big mistake. It was feeling menaced and was thinking I wanted its food. So, it jumped up to me. I was shocked. As you can see it was no good idea to watch it while it was eating its food. Honestly, they are very sweet but you are not allowed to stroke them, because these wild animals are not domesticated.

A visit there is utterly fantastic, and you should go there to see it. Have you ever been there? Do you like monkeys? Please, share your thoughts!

Dobratsch: More than just a Mountain

Dobratsch, also known as the Villacher Alpe, feels like my second home. It’s were I spent a lot my youth and to this day it has a special place in my heart.

You are looking for a fantastic location to hike? Then you have found just the right place. There are more or less two ways to the top of the mountain, where you will be able to enjoy a great panorama while standing next to the summit cross. The easier route is doable for almost everyone and doesn’t need much training or skills, whereas the second way called the Jaegersteig is more difficult. You definitely need good shoes, even better conditioning and endurance for the hike that will take you about two and a half hours. While steadily making your way to the top you will also come across cows, horses and sometimes even donkeys.

A special memory that I always enjoy thinking back to is the time during the holidays that my family, friends and myself used to spend at a small alpine cabin. We had no running water, no electricity and spent most of the time playing outside and simply enjoying the nature.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and would really like to hear about your unforgettable experiences in the nature in the comments below. For more information about Dobratsch please enjoy this video that I came across.

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Delicious Food – Carinthian Cheese Noodle

Have you ever eaten delicious Carinthian food? What do you think is typically for the Carinthian cuisine? There is a variety of different food, here are some examples: Kärntner Käsnudel, Kärntner Reindling, Sterz/Frigga, Kärntner Laxn, Kärntner Ritschert. It’s typical regional food and it’s difficult to find a proper translation. Today I will show you how prepare my favourite dish.

This recipe of the Carinthian Cheese Noodle isn’t complex, but it requires careful measuring of all ingredients, it takes time and you have to be patient. Usefully tips how to prepare were given to me.

Indication of ingredients:


  • 1000 g flour (grout)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups water (warm)


  • 500 g potatoes (floury)
  • 1000 g curd crumbly cheese
  • little bit of mint (fresh noodle mint)
  • little bit of chervil
  • 2 onions
  • some olive oil
  • little bit of mint (fresh noodle mint)


  • butter
  • chives

The first step is to make the dough. Put all ingredient together. Knead dough until it’s elastic and soft. Cover it with a towel and leave it for one hour. Roll it out after one hour. Make round pieces with a dimension of 10 centimeters.

For the second step, you take the ingredients to make the filling. Bring a large pot of slightly salted water to a boil. Add potatoes and cook for 30 minutes until they are finished. Put the water away, peel them and press them. Now cut the onions and put some olive oil in a hot pan. Roast them until they have the perfect color (yellow & brown). When completed, mix everything together and season to taste. Finally make small balls.

The third and most difficult step is the filling. Please watch this video and you will know what I mean. It’s about how to fill it and get it closed. The closing is called: “Krendeln”.

Indication of source:
Note: There is a tale in Carinthia that only women who are able to fulfill this task are allowed to marry.

After you formed the noodles they are ready to be boiled in hot water.

Take a big pot and heat up salted water. Then reduce the heat and brew the noodles for 10 minutes. Swimming noodles are ready to eat.

Last but not least. Cut chives, melt butter and put it over your Carinthian Cheese Noodle.

Enjoy your meal!

Now you can try the recipe, if you like to and please let me know your results. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I could you motivate to cook this traditional food.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Winter time in Carinthia – Skiing

Skiing is a very popular sport and there are more than 20 skiing areas in Carinthia. Obviously, it is very important for winter tourism. Sliding down the snow-covered slopes with my carving skis is a pleasure for me.  

Due to corona, there is nearly no winter tourism this year. However, one big advantage is that only a few people are skiing on almost empty slopes. Unfortunately, many locals are not able to go skiing. That is a very sad fact, but on the other hand, I can understand why. As a child, this very expensive hobby was paid by my parents, so I had the opportunity to learn skiing. I am very happy about it. I learned skiing when I was three years old. At the age of nine, I tried something new. Skiing wasn’t cool anymore, so I learned to handle a snowboard. For more than fifteen years I only used my snowboard.
This winter I was very afraid to go skiing after the long break. Now I can tell you, it is not possible to unlearn skiing. After one day I was able to do it safely and nearly like a professional. Skiing is a funny sport and I really like it. If you want to learn skiing, go to a small ski lift first. Second, ask friends if they could help you. Finally, take a professional ski course.

More information on skiing areas in Carinthia are available under following link:

Now it’s your turn. Hope you have been inspired by me for my favorite passion with snow and mountains. I would like to know your opinion about skiing. Please comment below.