About me

Hi, my name is Martina. I live in the beautiful city of Villach, Austria working as a logistic specialist at a bigger company while also studying business management at the University of Applied Sciences.

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What will you see on my blog?

As you probably have already noticed my blog is all about the astonishing province of Carinthia. My idea is for you to discover that it’s not necessary to travel the world because right outside out of your house there are so many beautiful places and things to do! I will try to show you how wonderful all of the different places in Carinthia are and who knows, maybe I can help you decide what your next adventure will look like.

My motivation for studying

I believe that in today’s day and age it has almost become a necessity to repetitively learn new things and to be open minded. If you want to be successful in life, there is in my opinion no way around being proactive about lifelong learning.

Occasionally the combination of working and studying at the same time can be challenging, but the way I see it there is always a way of making it work if you really want it to.