Villacher Kirchtag

Have you ever been at the Villacher Kirchtag, the biggest traditional event in Austria? If not, it is a must to visit. Since 1936 this event takes place every year, except 1940-1947 and 2020. It lasts for one week, starting with the end of July/beginning of August.

Wearing your leather trousers or dirndl dress, you are ready to visit the city of Villach. This event is very important for the local economy, because more than 450.000 visitors are coming to the Villacher Kirchtag every year. If you want to stay in a hotel you should book a few months in advance to get a free room and moderate price. The whole downtown of Villach is covered by more than 200 market stalls and parts of the town change to amusement parks with totally about 30 devices. More than 600 musicians are there for entertainment during this week. Traditional volk music is played and you can dance and have fun. To eat a traditional Kirchtagssuppe is also very important. There are a lot of gastronomic services spread through the town where you can enjoy your beer or something else. The traditional beer there is the Villacher Bier. The taste of it is very good and I like it. If you have to drive, you can choose the Villacher Freilich, it’s a beer without alcohol. For further information: Villacher Kirchtag – Welcome to Villach (

Here is the countdown in German, for Englisch people: days, hours, minutes, seconds until the next Villacher Kirchtag.



  Stunden  Minuten  Sekunden


Villacher Kirchtag

In my opinion Villacher Kirchtag is one of the best events you have to visit. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe you want to share your best moments at this event.

18 thoughts on “Villacher Kirchtag

  1. Although I am also “only” a villach native, the Villacher Kirchtag has been one of my must-attend events for years. I was really sad that the Kirchtag didn’t take place last year, but of course health comes first and many other events couldn’t take place either.
    I like the countdown and I can hardly wait until I can be at the Kirchtag again πŸŽ‰πŸ»

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  2. Dear Martina, I like your blog a lot. For me the Villacher Kirchtag is one of the best things to do in summer each year. I hope we can all visit it again this year.

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  3. Martina, Villacher Kirchtag is THE EVENT of the year. I’ve been to Villacher Kirchtag practically my whole life every year. When I had my home close to the Congress Center, I was there even every day!
    Hope that Villacher Kirchtag will take place without too many restrictions in 2021.

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