Lake Wolayersee – A Place for Hiking

Nowadays hiking is a very popular sport. It is the perfect activity to keep your health on a good level and that’s the reason why I want to give you an insider tip.

I started at the Hubertus chapel in Lesachtal towards the Lower Wolayeralm. The view there was really amazing, hence I took a short break. After this break I climbed up to the plateau of the Upper Wolayeralm. At this route section I have seen a beautiful waterfall, called Sprudelbach. From the Upper Wolayeralm I continued through a narrow place, where I have seen the memorial for those who died in Word War One. As you can see it’s also a historical place. The end of this way is the Walayerseehütte, a cottage at the Wolayersee. This is a small restaurant, where you can drink and eat something, before you have to go back to your car. The nature and the view there are really awesome. For this adventure trip you need time, so plan one day for the hiking. Good shoes and physical fitness are needed. When planning your trip you may first lookup for further information, for example at below link: It’s a German website, however, you can translate it at the internet.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. Please comment below if you have ever been at the Wolayersee. What’s your insider tip for hiking in Carinthia?

6 thoughts on “Lake Wolayersee – A Place for Hiking

  1. Carinthia has so much to discover! I’ve never been at Lesachtal valley before – but it’s defenitely on my bucket list.
    The only disatvantage is the long trip up there. :-/
    Thank you for remembering me of this awesome destination!

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  2. That sound like a great hike 🙂 And maybe this year it’s time for me to hike also to the wolayersee 🏔 The hike is definitely on my list.
    Haha and thanks for the reference on 😁 It’s always great when our website is mentioned as a tip 😎

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