An Exciting Adventure for a Brave Child

Last summer I was showing my little sweet godchild how exciting Carinthia is. If I would ask him today about this adventure, he would tell me that’s the place where you can fly.

To keep a two-year-old child happy, don’t drive too long. So, as you can see, your place of excursions must be near to your home. When we had arrived at the family park in Ossiach, he was very interested to see new things in the woods. It’s a park, where children can play and discover beautiful nature. In my opinion, it’s very important to go outdoor with children and show them the nature. Today, nearly every kid has a lot of toys and therefore isn’t creative anymore. This place is the perfect one to show kids that they can play with simple things. Naturally, it can be so easy to find something to play. He was playing with a branch and he was extremely happy. At home, he has never played with a stick of wood before. Let’s move on to the highlight: The Fly-Line. I am very proud that he was so brave, and it was very funny for him, unfortunately, it wasn’t funny for his mum due to her fear of heights.

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Finally, it’s very important to go with kids outdoor and show how wonderful nature is. A sad fact is that kids have many toys to play with, but with basic things from nature they often don’t know how to use them. What do you think about it?

7 thoughts on “An Exciting Adventure for a Brave Child

  1. I actually watched the video, the first time I glanced at the picture. I realized it is a girl, and she looks like she enjoyed it all the way, it was a fairly long run. I am not sure, I might be too chicken, but know it would be a blast.

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  2. The zip line looks fun, obviously he is enjoying himself. Always good to see a photo to look at what you are talking about.. I think that starting a blog is an interesting thing to do for a school project. I have met people from all over the world that I follow and they follow me, as well. Some people I have gotten to know for a long time; others come and go. Keeping a blog gets pretty busy so I try to keep it simple so that I still have time for other things in my life. wishing you well.

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  3. That zip line looks like a blast! Yes, it is vitally important to get kids out in nature. If they don’t learn to love nature, from an early age, when they grow up, they won’t care about or protect it. It is essential to their health and wellbeing. As we have seen since Covid, nature is the one respite we have from the worries of the world.

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